Presidents Corner


“As we draw closer to God, the enabling power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ will come into our lives.”

Dale Renlund.


This is just the way it is… we cannot get around this… we should never want to go around this fact. As we draw near to the Savior He will draw us nearer to Him. But we must be the ones who move. We must be the ones who make the effort to come unto Christ and allow the power of the Atonement sink deep into our hearts.

Be strong and be FAITHFUL !  Live your life in such a way the the enabling power of the Atonement is with you each day.

Be ready to fall of the cliff so that you can soar…. the Eagles did not learn to fly until the fell of the safety of the ledge into the air where their wings could catch the air and lift them up…We are not so different… We must allow the wind to catch our wings that the Lord has given us and fly.Faith is the wind that will allow us to soar… Take the leap.

Pray for the Gift of Faith! You are worthy and righteous and entitled to this gift from GOD.

Love you all.

President Taggart

This is our Purpose…. to Build and Strengthen the Church by Helping People Learn


Teach This Clearly  D&C 20  37