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New Jersey Morristown Mission

 12 For if there be no faith among the children of men God can do no miracle among them; wherefore, he showed not himself until after their faith.

 13 Behold, it was the faith of Alma and Amulek that caused the prison to tumble to the earth.  

14 Behold, it was the faith of Nephi and Lehi that wrought the change upon the Jerseyites, that they were baptized with fire and with the Holy Ghost.

 15 Behold, it was the faith of Ammon and his brethren which wrought so great a miracle among the Jerseyites.  

16 Yea, and even all they who wrought miracles  wrought them by faith, even those who were before Christ and also those who were after.

 Ether 12:12-16
Our Greatest Need!

Why is it such a BIG DEAL?  Why should we care?

The basic and fundamental truth that should absolutely drive us all in this life, allow us to receive joy here and now, and Life (exaltation) with our Heavenly Father…. is to become CLEAN !!!….Pure, Sanctified.

Why is THIS such a BIG DEAL?

As spirit sons and daughters of God our Father the only way for us to be welcome or comfortable in His presence is if we become clean from the blood and stains of this world. Our quest then becomes to put off all worldly things. Strive to become clean like Him.

Since all of us are human and imperfect,we make mistakes, then it stands to reason that there must be some assistance or help for us…. Something that will enable us to DO THIS and help us along this path.

There is. The Atonement makes it possible…. after all we can do….it is not because of what we can do, it is after all we can do…He makes up the difference. It is our doing that helps us feel His guidance and assistance. Without that guiding spirit and help from the Savior we are lost and will not be with Him. WHY? The simple fact is, we cannot do it on our own. We must rely upon the merits and mercy of the Holy one and accept Him as our redeemer and Savior. TRUST HIM, have Faith in Him. He is the way the truth and the light, the bridge that shows us the pathway back into the presence of GOD. It comes from Him by the Spirit.

The answer to the question posed above is ….it is such a BIG DEAL because if we are not in the process each day of becoming clean and pure, then it is very hard to feel the spirit. The spirit comes to reside in worthy and clean places like the temple…It does not dwell in defiled temples. Know ye not that ye are a temple of GOD and the spirit of God dwelleth in you? Each time we change, repent and do righteous things we allow the Holy Ghost to come and direct us and guide us, Guide us and direct us where? Everywhere we need to be and go…..Guide us on the road back to our Heavenly. It tells us all things what we should do. It allows us to navigate this earthly maze.

“Spirituality—being in tune with the Spirit of the Lord—is the greatest need we all have.

We should strive for the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost all the days of our lives.

When we have the Spirit, we will love to serve, we will love the Lord, and we will love those with whom we serve, and those whom we serve.

“I have said so many times to my brethren that

the Spirit is the most important single element in this work.


With the Spirit and magnifying your call, you can do miracles for the Lord in the mission field.


Without the Spirit you will never succeed regardless of your talent and ability.”

Ezra T. Benson

It is such a BIG DEAL because this is how we progress the way the Father directs us to progress. It is His simple doctrine. …. Very simple and clear.

Be clean and worthy by the way we live, and in return feel the SPIRIT OF THE LORD. Feel the Holy Ghost direct us and guide us.

Be Clean! Have Faith In HIM! Feel His Spirit!

It is a BIG DEAL!

Happy Birthday America.
4th of July!

Love you all...
President and Sister Taggart   
   He Is the Source of our Strength! He is Our Savior!

Ward Mission Leaders section:
Please ask the ward mission leaders in your unit to check this website weekly for news and updates. They should be kept up to date on what we are doing and focusing on.
Have them open the attachments here in this section.

Discussion points for ward council presentation visits.
  • Become a support and helper to each person on your ward council. DE-FACTO 3rd Coun.
  • Engage more people in your ward or branch... Use social media with them.. Teach them how and post while you are with them in their homes..
  • Always be talking about individual people.
  • How can each organization assist with this family or person?
  • Love, support and sustain your bishop or branch presidents.
  • Return and Report your progress and efforts. Ask others for their report and assist them to accomplish their work.

Missionaries Location Name
Elder Hintzie & Leilua Newark @ 2:15 Kenny 
Elder cook & Moreno Union City Ward Celestina 
Elder Owens & Silva Jersey City 2nd ward Gabriella 
Sister Dentrinidad & Lovell Jersey city ward Nicole 
Elder Oakley & Page Jersey city 2nd ward Joyceyn 
Elder Oakley & Page Jersey city 2nd ward Dillon 
Elder Jeon & Edelson Jersey city 2nd Ward Curtis 
Sisters Shiman & Wood Sparta @ 1:30 Sean 
Elders Penrod, Wilson, Franke Sparta @ 1:00 Payton 
Elder Christensen & Spencer Paterson Nelida 
Elders Hicks & Way Ledgewood @ 1:15 Margarette
Sisters Mortensen & Dubon Morristown @ 2:30 Abraham
Elders McFarland & Pacheco Elizabeth @ 12:30 Alex
Elders McFarland & Pacheco Elizabeth @ 12:30 Stephany
Sisters Palmer & Ivie Elizabeth @ 12:30 Henry

15 this week   38 for the month... Great Month ..Congratulations to all of You.

The Lord continues to bless New Jersey. 
Thank you for your dedication and hard work.
The Lord is watching over us.

Miracles happen every day here in Jersey.

The coolest miracle JUST happened like not even 2 minutes ago.... We heard someone knocking on the window at the Church where we are emailing and so we went to go and see who it was and it was the Elders Recent Converts and a Member who has fallen away from the church. They came inside and we got to talk with them. WE WERE SO EXCITED AND KINDA SURPRISED THAT IT WAS THEM! They told us that they were just driving by the church and they felt like they needed to stop by. They went back to the Catholic Church for awhile because they felt the Spirit there, but have been thinking a lot about the church lately. We were able to testify that there is truth in ALL churches, but the only church that has the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is found here in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They all said that they really believed that and they really want to come back. They told us that they will be at Church this next Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE CHURCH IS TRUE. THE SPIRIT IS REAL. AND MIRACLES DO HAPPEN. Holy Moly.... AAAAHHHHH!! That was so cool. (: (: (: I love seeing God's hand in the Work of Salvation! It is so cool to be a missionary! I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

email the President


             Engage the Members!
We have petitioned the Lord to bless these people who are prepared... that they will be found and find their own testimony in JUNE.

 Continue to Find New people everywhere we go. "Nothing happens ....until you have someone 
We know that with the new video, Because He Lives and with the new NJ Approach training and the nicer weather that we can Continue to find them. 

Report what you are now doing for weekly service today to your Zone Leader.

4 Things I will do from now on!

  1. Be a Representative of the Lord Jesus Christ… Explain that          “We represent the Savior”
  2. Invite People to Change (Repent) Always Extend an Invitation to READ the Book And Pray.
  3. Promise them Specific Blessings attached to Obedience to a principle…. TESTIFY of it.
  4. Follow Up Follow Up. Involving at least 3 ward members. Everyday touches while we are not there!

  • Please work with and encourage your Ward Council to find a permanent weekly community service project to do in your area. This is a priority for our entire mission.
  • Please work with the ward council to expand the number of members who go with you to teach and are engaged in the work. Please pray about and consult with your ward council on who is the best match up to teach your investigator. 
  • Please encourage your ward council to identify 5 less active or inactive priesthood holders to issue the INVITE to during the month of JUNE. Then go with them and do it. 
  • Please make sure that the new and returning members are assisted by the ward members to find family names to take to the temple... Then go to the temple with them and other ward members... This is so wonderful for the entire branch and ward.
  • Wear your very best clothes to the Lords House..(temple trips) Show honor and respect.

Phase 2 begins.

Start to use the iPad and become familiar with it... It is an awesome tool... Help each other learn to know what it does and how it can help us.

Your ipad numbers should show up from your planner and area book now. Please keep them current all the time.. they work in real time.
WOW! Very Cool.
Let's get ready for phase 3... We all want to use Facebook and online proselyting ASAP.

Use the iPad as a powerful tool.
Always ask for referrals.

1.3 MB

2.7 MB

If you have not read this Ricciardi letter... DO IT!

This was such a special baptism.. The spirit was so strong with these 5 new members in Jersey City. The members are engaged and the ward is thriving.. WOW.. What an honor to be there.

Washington's Headquarters during the Revolutionary War.. Great place for 4th of July .
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