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    New Jersey Morristown Mission

20 There is a law, irrevocably decreed in heaven before the foundations of this world, upon which all  blessings are predicated—

 21 And when we obtain any blessings from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated.
D&C 130:20-21

929 to Date: WOW!
New Investigators who are listening.

"Be Positive about what we believe and who we are. Many are Looking....The Lord sends them to us EVERY WEEK. Prepare for the day of the Savior Be a Light to the World"       Neil Anderson April 26th yesterday.

585 to go.

in 4 days this can happen.
Believe !

Let us go and find 1 today and 2 tomorrow. Then find 2 on Wednesday and 1 on Thursday. It happens. With the Lord by our side, We can Do This.

There is magnificent power when people align their focus and their faith for the same unified cause. And when the power of the Atonement is added as the central part of that purpose, no power on earth will stop it. God is in the Heavens. This is His work. He knows how to use us as His Instruments. Go and Do what He has asked of us.

Be Valiant!  Be Worthy!  Be His Powerful Servant!

We love each of you for who you are.

President and Sister Taggart

The NJ Approach!
It is working for so many of you.

4 Days to go... We can make our goal if we go forward with Faith.!

Print this and practice it.


Because He Lives New Video.. 
Use it Now. What a great Ice Breaker for us.
New progressing investigators will come to each of us because of this.

USE IT.. and Report your results.  (see the Tool Box upper left on this page)     

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When the 23-year-old Heber J. Grant was installed as president of the Tooele Stake, he told the Saints he believed the gospel was true. President Joseph F. Smith, a counselor in the First Presidency, inquired, “Heber, you said you believe the gospel with all your heart, … but you did not bear your testimony that you know it is true. Don’t you know absolutely that this gospel is true?”

      Heber answered, “I do not.” Joseph F. Smith then turned to John Taylor, the President of the Church, and said, “I am in favor of undoing this afternoon what we did this morning. I do not think any man should preside over a stake who has not a perfect and abiding knowledge of the divinity of this work.”

      President Taylor replied, “Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, [Heber] knows it just as well as you do. The only thing that he does not know is that he does know it.”

      Within a few weeks that testimony was realized, and young Heber J. Grant shed tears of gratitude for the perfect, abiding, and absolute testimony that came into his life.
From Elder Douglas A. Callister, “Knowing That You Know”, Oct 2007 General Conference

We Know much more than we realize;
Trust in what YOU KNOW!

Ward Mission Leaders section:
Please ask the ward mission leaders in your unit to check this website weekly for news and updates. They should be kept up to date on what we are doing and focusing on.
Have them open the attachments here in this section.

Discussion points for ward council presentation visits.
  • Become a support and helper to each person on your ward council. DE-FACTO 3rd Coun.
  • Engage more people in your ward or branch... Use social media with them.. Teach them how and post while you are with them in their homes..
  • Always be talking about individual people.
  • How can each organization assist with this family?
  • Love, support and sustain your bishop or branch presidents.
  • Return and Report your progress and efforts. Ask others for their report and assist them to accomplish their work.
See Standard Procedures Revised.
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Zone Time Name A/G Missionaries Chapel (Unit)
Lisa  47/F E. Rajahkumar & Doezie Jersey City
Kepoor F Beard & Norris Toms River
Samson  36/M E. Ransom & Anding Ledgewood
Kevin  18/M E. Walker & Barney Scotch Plains

E. Lundquist & Jacobs

 5 this week, Thank you for your service and wonderful efforts.

Miracles continue!

One amazing miracle! These week we have been trying super hard to visit the less actives that are on the ward list. We have been trying to visit this one person for weeks and she either not home or her ex-husband is there, but one day we decided to stop by and guess what!? She was there! As we talked to her she express she had no interest in the church and that she could and never will go back to church. That God doesn't have time for her and she doesn't have time for God. We talked to her for a little bit and then left because she didn't want to talk to us. Then we decided to stop by the other day and she was there!! She was totally happy to see us and started asking question how we found her and knew that she was here, cause apparently her records were in her country still. (talk about god guiding us!) We continued to talk to her and eventually she let us into her house. Half way through our conversation she stops us and says look what I found when I was cleaning. She pulls out a Book of Mormon and says yeah I think I'm going to start reading it again. It always help me when I had tough time. Just can I say WOW!! The gospel changes. Miracle right there. She is one amazing person and I know that she going to come back to church. She told us to come over another time and share a message with her. I'm so excited for her! I love this gospel so much!! 

The Lord continues to bless New Jersey. 
Thank you for your dedication and hard work.
The Lord is watching over us.

email the President

April is Finding Month..

Mission Goal is   
This is what you have all set as our target.
4 Week Score:               Week #1    161
  Week #2   227   
  Week #3  249       
                                          Week #4  323     Big Week, Congrats.

                                      Total 929
 / 585 to go
Thank you for stepping it up.. We are so proud of all of you.

4 Days to Go.. It is possible to hit our goal.

1.5 investigators per day EACH for 4 days.
Go and FIND 1 today and 2 tomorrow Then 2 on Wednesday and 1 on Thursday and we hit the Goal.

Trust with FAITH that the Lord will provide.
Find New people everywhere we go.
"Nothing happens ....until you have someone to teach.."PMG 156

We know that with the new video, Because He Lives and with the new NJ Approach training and the nicer weather that we can find them.

Everyone To Baptize in May or June
As we find 1514 New people in April , in May or June each companionship ... All of them, can Baptize someone. This is absolutely attainable. I know it.... If we go to work and trust in the Lord we can do this... Find someone who will come unto Christ Now so that they will enter the Kingdom in May or June. Hit your personal target.


Enter your Key Indicators in the IMOS system on your email... It is IMPORTANT.

  • Report what you are now doing for weekly service today to your Zone Leader.
  • Please work with and encourage your Ward Council to find a permanent weekly community service project to do in your area. This is a priority for our entire mission.
  • Please work with the ward council to expand the number of members who go with you to teach.
  • Please pray about and consult with your ward council on who is the best match up to teach your investigator.
  • Please encourage your ward council to identify 5 less active or inactive priesthood holders to issue the INVITE to during the month of April. Then go with them and do it.
  • Please make sure that the new and returning members are assisted by the ward members to find family names to take to the temple... Then go to the temple with them and other ward members... This is so wonderful for the entire branch and ward.
  • Report WEEKLY (see the Tool Box) your results on Because He Lives Video...  This is Important. The Brethren want to see how this affects our efforts.

Temple attendance guidelines. This works now.. Sorry.
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In the parable of the sower the Savior is asking us...

How soft is the soil of your heart? Is it open to planting and growing the seeds of faith and righteousness?... Are you hard hearted so much so that you will not

Elder Beard and Norris are so thankful for Kepoor. She is excited to be a new Follower of the Savior.

Brother Bean taught us so well how to gain power and to teach with it.
As we obey the law we receive the blessing. Lots of learning this week... The Spirit taught us so much.

Sister Palmer and Taggart are taking a break from a rigorous training. 

East Orange branch is on Fire... So much is happening there... WOW.. A Ward ... Here we come.

Some of New Jerseys finest!     The best mission on the planet because of all of you.!!

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