Presidents Corner
    New Jersey Morristown Mission

 19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

 20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

Math: 28:19,20

Invite,Teach,Help Others to Come to the Savior.

As we search and teach and assist the New Jerseyites to come into the Savior and partake of His goodness and gospel we experience significant change in our own souls. This change is what the Lord would have us feel in order to mold and sculpt us into the person he wants us to BECOME!

“We become like that which we love and admire,” “If we can help the people love and admire the life of the Savior and take that love into their homes, then just naturally they will become more like the Savior and want to do the things that He wants done. And that requires very good teachers and very good listeners.” Tad Callister.

As we teach and listen to these wonderful people we are touched with the Holy Ghost who is the Master teacher. What an influence and blessing that is to all.

“We live in a day in which materialism or intellectualism becomes the primary drive in life for some, The Lord says there will be competing interests, but spirituality is what we should seek first, and if we do, all other good things will come to us. Christ in effect is saying that materialism is nothing. ‘All that I have will be yours.’ Intellectualism is nothing. The Holy Ghost will guide you to truth in all things. Everything that you ever want will come to you in tremendous proportions by seeking first the kingdom of God.”

“The Savior invites those who He is with to follow Him. His is a gospel of action.”

Tad Callister cited John 7:16-17, wherein the Savior said, “If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.”
Faith, baptism , repentance, gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring are what we teach. To help others to come to the waters of baptism or back to the sacrament table is our quest. Enduring to the end is what the members work becomes after we help them walk through the baptismal gate.

“For me, one of the best formulas for enduring to the end is found in the Sermon on the Mount,” he said. “I come back to the point of this being our opportunity to do the things that Jesus Christ asked us to do. If we have any question about the doctrine, live it. In living that doctrine, we come to know of its veracity, of its divinity.” Devon Durrant.

Let us invite others to live the doctrine. Let us live it ourselves and allow our light to shine bright to all who see us. We are His representatives. We are His instruments.
What a sacred trust we have. 
We are so thankful for the work that you are doing. The Lord is watching over us.

Love you all.

President and Sister Taggart


See the Training Sheet for 2015 .  This is very Helpful!
257.6 KB

Must be a strong working relationship with the members..

1600 Member Presents January 2015
Mission Goal for January to Involve the Members in our lessons. They Help us!

Score as of today= 1298
                                     302   to go.  Lets Do This.

Why do we want this for our investigators?

Have the member

  • Invite them to church.
  • Invite them to Pray.
  • Give them a ride if they need one.
  • Testify of the truth and connect as a friend.
  • Share their favorite scripture in the BOM and Invite them to read it... after we leave.

The promise to all of us:
As we become Masterful teachers in 2015 and help the Wards and Branches with Priesthood Channels; 
 we will

  1. Be led to many more progressing investigators who will accept our beautiful message.
  2. Grow our testimonies and gain more confidence in His work.
  3. Change our MINDSET and behavior toward what we think about and focus on.

The challenge: 
Change your Mindset. 
Focus on your core purpose to become a Masterful Teacher.  Go out and teach!
Become the incredible missionary you were called to become. 
Believe that you can do it and with the help of the Savior, you will. 

Set Temple Dates with New and Returning!
The Temple is our road map Home.

BAPTISMS - January 25, 2015
Zone Name Missionaries Chapel (Unit)
2 Jackie S. Woodland & Robinson (& S.Hindman) New City
4 Junior E. Andrus & Sumsion Newark
5 David E. Fotu & Laceste East Orange
7 Nelson S. Josse & Brown Morristown
9 Lucy E. Page & Larsen Princeton

This is so exciting. 
Congratulations to all.  37 for the month so far. Awesome
AWESOME WEEK. Amazing things are happening! 14 Reactivations and 5 Baptisms 
Great JOB  ...The work is moving forward. The Lord knows His Sheep.

229.0 KB

Miracles are happening each day here. 

The Lord is in the details.

"One miracle this week was we have been trying to see this less active, but something always came up that we couldn't or he couldn't, but this week we had a lesson. We did the Less active invite to him and wow does that work! We also had a member there for that lesson and they truly make a difference. As we invited him to go to church he started to cry and said he wanted to change his life around. That he just needed someone to invite him and help him. He is one amazing member and I so excited that he wants to change". 

Six weeks ago Bernard was minding his own business. He was admitted to the hospital for blood work and placed in a room with a member named James. James had other plans for  him. Saturday he became a member of the Kingdom of God on this earth. He stated that "I would never have believed that my whole life would be changed in that short of time. Everything in my life has turned around for the better. I feel the spirit of the Lord and all the peace that comes from that with my new found family in this church. It is a miracle. I praise God that He has shown me the way. I will never be the same." 

The Lord continues to bless New Jersey. 

14 Reactivations this week.  The Kingdom is Growing.
Member presents 6 or more ; Warnock Bellavance 7, Class/Muro 10, Stone /Parker 7, Packham/Harmon 7,  Garfield, Rahjahkuman 6 , Maddox/Kahng 6, Townsend Page 6, Tanner?Comish 6, Berkheimer/Nuckles 6 Pluim/Wilson 7 , Palmer/Mendonca 6, Schultz/Adolph 8, Woods/Obley 6.
Less actives at Church 6 or more : Beus/Wood 7, Packham/Harmon 8, Sales/Jeffs 11, Kloeppel/Rigby 8, Adriano/Mendoza 7 , Lopez/Keetch 6 ,Childs/Stevens 10
New Investigators 6 or more. Ragma/Allred 6, Stone/Parker 7 , Hicks/Covington 6, Lovell/Jenkins 6, Townsend/Page 9 , Pluim/Wilson 7, Berkheimer/Nuckles, 7, Palmer/Mendonca 7 , Schultz/Adolph 6 , Leon/Leon 7 , Nilsson/Penrod 6.
Progressing Investigators: Kafu/McConkie 6, Lundquist/Christensen 6 .
On date: Maddox/Kahng 6, Augustine/Pastene 4,    
Activated : Ragma/Allred 3,
Temple dates: Warnock/Bellavance 4
Total Lessons taught.  Stone/Parker 27 , Hicks/Covington 26, Quinlan/Rogers 26
Top KI scores; Packham/Harmon 22, Townsend/Page 22 , Hicks/Covington 19.

Many Church Services were cancelled due to the weather as you all know. It affected out output.
Thank you for your dedication and hard work.
The Lord is watching over us.

Please READ and STUDY This.
2015 Member Work Goals and Objectives. 
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email the President

  • New Referral entry and tracking system is now here.                                             (see above top left TOOL BOX)  Under Home Page.   USE IT Please. Sister Vause is sending the info. via email.  We must report back on referrals.
  • Temple Dates; Standard procedure is to set a date for new and returning members to be in the temple within 60 days. Take their own family names. Ask the Members to assist with finding these names and go with them to the temple. Baptisms for the dead or endowment whatever the case may be.  Then report back when they actually went. Help them to see the big picture. 
  • Check this website each week for announcements and Important communications.
  • Write a letter each week to the President in your mail. Short if you like.
  • If you are in a circumstance where you can take the sacrament more than once on a Sunday, then take it each time. Do not refuse to take the sacrament where members may be given cause to imagine why. This sends the wrong message and causes speculation and gossip. It is OK.
  • The regional and stake Public Affairs people are now initiating a new plan to find meaningful community service for each companionship and unit. If you are not already doing this you will be asked to work with your branch or ward to help provide this service weekly. They will find the proper places to serve where the local members will manage the relationship long term. Please look for this to start happening in your area.
  • Do not ask to attend a baptism outside your area. 
Temple attendance new guidelines.
MP-Temple Attendance Guidelines Update.pdf
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We are excited and thrilled to welcome these new missionaries to the 
best mission the world.

21 new wonderful missionaries who will help change the hearts of the New Jerseyites.

New off the bus.  Welcome to you all.
Bowling with the best of them. Bumpers would have been a game changer.

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